Lucid dream - Healing Hands. Underwater fireworks, Road back to you, ultimate takeoff

Date: 7/2/2017

By TheNagual

Before I had gone to sleep, I intended to lucid dream and attempt to heal my body in the dream state. Falling asleep was different, everything felt more serene and understandable even though I couldn't retain anything. I became lucid during my first or second sleep cycle. I was in a semi dark room and looked at my hands, I further confirmed lucidity when my freckles changed numbers. I immediately began focusing energy to my hands and attempted to move this energy over my body. The vibrations were intense and the dreamscape faded and I was awake in sleep paralysis. I must have fell back asleep soon after - There was a long river with shallow waters but strong currents. It was dark and swampish, but natural looking. There was a boat I tried to get to, I failed and was underwater with my phone wet. The other people helped me out and I was soon out of the water. We all had an underwater mission and moved elegantly under the river which was now deep. There were "soy" fireworks that exploded in perfect formation, a few people got burned by them but were okay. We were searching for some kind of valuable clay deposit. There was a room which we speculated there to be clay but we would have to take our chances, the chance was taken. I believe the valuable clay was found. I was sick with physical pain and was driven to a doctors in my car, was it Micheal? This doctor worked at a large house. It was dark out, I said that this doctor was very helpful last time, but that was before I was sick. He was a pancreatic specialist. I remember driving by a playground and saw her, she was next to me and the other, I was extremely upset and angry and wanted to flip them off. I don't remember ever making inside the doctors. I texted her various times, she was headstrong on her decision and I told her how many things were wrong with my body and how much pain I was in. Outside I waited with other men at a table. We were drinking beer and telling stories. I put on a good show and was funny and I knew she saw this. The whole group of people were around me now. We slowly broke up and I walked down toward my car in the parking lot with a white hoody on. I saw her shadow and hoped she would talk to me, she did. At this point I was reunited with her and told her and myself how I would not have been able to go on without this reunion. I took off my beanie and showed her my face. She was still heavily clothed but I could see her face. We went up an elevator and to the surface. Somewhere down we ran into a helicopter that was spinning out on the ground. I protected her and we went to my room. Her pinky toe was cut off and I stopped the bleeding. She laid there for some time. There was two ultimate wing suit men, I was one of them. There was an epic battle but no one was hurt. My wingsuit was small and compact but worked like a charm. I took off high into the sky, 100s of feet up and rocket speed. One time over an ocean, one time over a massive mountain although I went out of bounds and almost died, and one time over the city. I pinpointed the mountains. There was a helicopter who shot a missile at me, I maneuvered and hit the helicopter with its own rocket. It crashed slowly. Her and I drove around a desert dune area for a while. There was a gated prison entrance. I remembered this area and flipped a u turn out of there. I can't remember much else that happened here