Foreseeing the future?

Date: 5/11/2019

By nekocat

I don’t remember if there was a beginning to the dream that I can’t remember or if it started like this. I was in the car with my partner. We were on our way to somewhere, but we were waiting inside our car on a bridge. We were watching a bunch of trucks coming from the opposite direction, hitting into one another. This caused an accident on the side of the street. One truck in particular some how broke apart and was lying around in the middle of the intersection. I can see a little bit of smoke and a small fire broke out from the truck. My partner for some reason, proceeded to drive ahead through intersection. I was so scared, knowing what could happen. (Just like in the movies, when there’s an accident, something always blows up.) In a split second, the truck in the intersection blew up, causing our vehicle to fly back into the direction of the collision that already happened on the side of the road. In the process of the car flying back, i realized we were now inside of a bus with other passengers. We were all on fire from the explosion, people were screaming, crying, burning. I was burning. The burning sensation was too REAL. I can feel the heat. I can feel myself dying. I can feel the burning in my real body, I can feel myself trying to wake up but I can’t. My life flashed before my eyes, I knew I was going to die. (As I’m writing this, I can still hear the passengers screaming and crying) I didn’t want to die, I didn’t want us to die, so I was trying to find a way to escape with the few seconds I had to live. I looked at the window but knew they were too hot to touch. I made my way to the front, trying to barge or break my way through the door. I slammed into the door a few times, and somehow squeezed through the crack. Without thinking, I trotted a few feet away trying to catch my breath, feeling myself cool down, not on fire anymore. After catching my breath for a few seconds, I realized that I left my partner behind. I was devastated. I started to head back towards the bus, but all of a sudden, I realized I’m back in the car again. I was sitting in my car, with my partner. We were watching the accident happen all over again. This time, I knew what was going to happen, so I told her to stay where we were, further away from where the explosion that was suppose to happen. But then, I saw my mom, my sister and brothers. They were standing in the street with other people, watching the accident unfolding. Near where the explosion and fire is suppose to happen. I rushed to them, trying to get everyone out of the way, away from the danger that was suppose to happen. At first no one would listen to me, but they eventually followed me. A few seconds later...the explosion went off. The street went on fire. But this time, no one got hurt. No one died. I woke up. I can feel a soft burning sensation in my arms. I’m still in shock of what happened. I feel as though I really did go through the accident. I still feel scared. Terrified. It was such a frightening dream. The screaming and crying...I’ll never forget. It felt like I went through HELL for a moment inside the bus.