Stuck at the bottom

Date: 5/1/2017

By reannaj

This one is very common that people have. It's when you feel like you're falling, but I got to the bottom and that never happened before, so I wasn't falling for a long time it felt like 2-3 minutes maybe in dream world lol. But when I got to the bottom I looked up and it was like dark walls around but more of a navy blue color, but I know I went up to the wall reaching out and scratching like I was trying to get out of a hole but when I looked up it looked like a busy street people were walking around like a busy New York street. So instead of that I walked around and the ground started caving in like pieces were falling off so I started running and every step I took broke. And it just went like that for about a minute. I don't remember much after that I don't know if I got out or not or still trying to figure out how to get out?