Wolf Tornado prophecy

Date: 4/19/2019

By Sssmorgann

There was a tornado/storm coming and the wind was bad, couldn't drive home, had to hide in a trailer house where McDonald's was having a party, down the street from the McDonald's. There were cabinets in both sides, and I decided to hide in them to keep from getting flung all over if the tornado flipped the trailer. The trailer house ended up getting carried to a clearing between 2 forests, and we had to make our lives there. There was some all-powerful wolf that was somehow related to the tornado (maybe he had caused it? Controlled it? Was born from it?) he was blue/black/grey, and had a lamb's tail. He could talk telepathically. It ended up being like ponyo kinda. There were 2 little girls dressed like little red riding hood, and something was special/magic about them, but it wasn't obvious. I was one of them. Each lived in a side of the forest. The wolf would choose a side.Eventually the 2 girls fell in love with the power wolf, even though he was kind of evil. Two sides of forest grew together, completing a prophecy about the girls and wolves: there was one girl and one wolf for each side of the woods. Once the woods grew together, it would be decided who was the true girl and wolf. there was a stand off. The girls didn't know who was real and who was the fake. There was 2 people with a bow and arrow and the girls had to perform some ritual to find their wolf in their side of the forest and prove it was them that was the real chosen pair. I found the other girl and her wolf dying near a creek and there had to be symmetry for the prophecy? So I went to the middle clearing to make the complimentary scene with my wolf. But it turned out the bow and arrow people were just gonna kill everyone anyways. The wolf threw me into the sky to try to find a last minute way out,and to feel the sun before I died since we'd been in the dark forest for so long. I flew up really high and was able to glide for a while to get my bearings and I was trying to come up with a good idea to save us but then I started to fall back down. I eventually just aimed so I would fall on the archers. The archer for my side of the forest was waiting, and missed me with the first arrow, but shot me through the rib cage on the second try. I was somehow able to fly into he woods and try to hide, but my wolf couldn't find me. Eventually he did, in human form. We didn't die so I guess we were the real ones.