The Paul brothers sister's death. And I'm their sister

Date: 8/10/2017

By yea_bn

I very rarely have dreams but this one I remember very vividly. It's kinda sad but here it is. My name was Bre Paul, I was Logan and Jake Paul's little sister. I was in a fire at home and couldn't get out. Eventually the fire fighters got me out. A month or two after I started to notice that everytime I touched the ends of my hair it would burn a little piece off. I freaked out and told my mom. She explained to me that the fire did something to the skin and hair on my head and I was dying. When I found this out I didn't think much of it as I wasn't afraid of death. But Logan, Jake, and my mom and dad did want to give me the best last few.. how ever long I had.. they wanted it to be the best and spoil me. The first day I said I wanted to go to the mall. So Jake took me to the mall, we stopped into American eagle and were looking around. I turn around and I just see jake looking at me and about to cry and I hug him really really tight, and eventually I say really quietly in his ear with my raspy crying voice "i don't want to die" and I just start sobbing in his arms. Eventually we pull ourselves together and continue shopping and jake goes home with me. I hug everyone and then I started showing off what I had got and Logan was making jokes and vlogging. The next day Logan and my mom took me to just look around the city, I loved just looking places and finding the highest point and looking at all of it. It was really fun, Logan as usual was making me and mom laugh the whole time and vlogging me and making me feel like I was a princess. Both of my brothers did that. At the end of the day I had noticed I was having a really hard time breathing. It had just been getting worse and worse. I told my mom and she said that I probably wasn't going to make it to tomorrow. My brothers and dad over heard this and they all decided that they were going to spend the night around me that night. Logan started crying and had to walk away at one point while we sat on the couch and watched TV. I chased after him and he turns around and looks at me and my hair and goes "why couldn't I have been there to get you out of that fire sooner? Why couldn't I have stopped the fire completely? Your my little sister and I don't want to loose you." And I start crying too. I just hug Logan and he picks me up and hugs me really tight "don't let go please. Don't ever let go" I said. "I won't" Logan replied. He carried me to the couch where I laid across Logan and jakes legs and we watched Disney movie. I slowly started to drift to sleep. And I didn't wake up..