Lucid Dreaming - Skyrim College

Date: 8/18/2017

By ladyartface

I had a strange dream that I was wandering through a huge campus. It was different from the colleges I went to. It was guge. There were many people and I was running from giant frog. I hid under some chairs, but it found me. IRL my bf woke up to use the bathroom. I woke up too but I quickly went back to sleep. I was dreaming again, on this campus. Everyone looked like they were straight out of an elder scrolls game! They had swords and weird outfits. The giant frog was gone. I then had a realization that I was dreaming. I focused on what I was feeling. Light headed. Hard to stay focused. I looked at my hands. IRL someone once said you can tell if you are dreaming, they will look unclear. But in my dream they looked so real. I knew I was definitely dreaming though! I then tried to find my boyfriend. I tried to imagine a door to make a portal, nut nothing happened. I was so frustrated! I then saw a mirror and focused on my reflection. I saw him through the reflection and jumped into the mirror. I was in a white room, with walls filled with mirrors. He said "oh!" when I jumped in. He looked down, mumbling to himself. I think I lost his attention. I touched his face and he smiled a bit, but he didn't look me in the eyes and appeared confused. He just started talking to himself. I couldn't walk straight and it was hard to move. I felt like the mirror was sucking me back in. I fell into the wall and ended up back on the Skyrim Campus.