Date: 8/10/2019

By Bunper_Duc

This night when i wake up I remembered I have a dream. It’s about superpowers I dream of Terminator, Power rangers and (Electricity man?? I can’t remember, only that he was a bad guy). The power ranger (can’t remember which ranger) fought the electricity man. I don’t remember what happened but at the end, I saw the ranger and a cop. The cop was about to arrest him. The ranger insists he is a power ranger. It was very funny- kind of like comedy dialogue. It ends with the power ranger drops something to the ground, that makes the police officer realize the power ranger is real. Then the power ranger drops off the building. The next scene is between the bad guy and a scientist ( i think because he was in a white scientist shirt). I can’t remember what they said but I remember my feeling that the scientist was an inside man of the good guys working the bad guy. The final scene is of Terminator taking some kind of meds. The meds make his metal melts or something. That’s all I remember. I feel that wasn’t a nightmare. Now I remember a scene of the power ranger playing but I can’t remember what he is playing. This is when the ranger meets the bad guy in my dream.