Date: 7/1/2017

By MarlenePsychom

I had two dreams last night that I remember. I already posted the first one. This is the second one. So I was in my backyard and everyone from my school was there for some reason. And I remember a balloon was in the sky and I caught it and it said my name and a few other people's names. I showed it to this guy and he was just like "She's here, idk who this is, he's here, who tf is this person" and then a few hours later, we went to whataburger and i heard him talking about kindergarten and that his teacher was Mrs.Lorenzo, I turned around and was like l "Who was your teacher?" Because I also had mrs.lorenzo in kindergarten and I was wondering if we were in the same class. And he was acting dumb and saying "A person who works at a school" and I said "What kindergarten did you go to?" And he said "Daycare kinder" so I just gave up and left.