Are you Aaron Burr, Sir?

Date: 1/19/2017

By dar_devilry

So, the dream is set in the 18th century although it feels a little bit like Japan. George Washington is the President and I am his vice president. Washington's term is coming to an end after which I will take on the presidency and Aaron Burr will be my vice president. Burr is a notoriously corrupt guy and I try my best to ensure that the nation is in good hands and Burr doesn't come to power. I get a note from an anonymous group of comedians asking me to step down from vice presidency so that Burr can be the next president when Washington is done. I'm told that if I don't step down within a day, they will assassinate me discreetly. I'm warned not to tell anyone about this note. I begin to worry and am constantly looking for secret signs that I might be being poisoned or killed in some way, since there is no way I'd simply step down. I run into Washington outside a pub where he sees me looking anxious. He buys me a drink and once I loosen up, I tell him everything. Suddenly he starts choking and falls to the ground. I realize that the group poisoned him in order to frame me and kill my career and life.