Date: 3/1/2017

By mugen_

This dream in particular was very meaningful to me. It was inside my estate, where a huge celebration was going on, filled with people I knew from my former high school. We were all in our team colours; Red, yellow, green, blue. The feeling was amazing, as we were all in a good mood, and I connected with a few people I felt I had to talk to. The crowd was huge, and we were all walking up hill towards the street outside my house. I was actually hoisted upon somebody's shoulders. From there I could see the thousands, the families, and the different colours. We reached my house and suddenly I was alone. I started walking back towards where the crowd had headed from. And suddenly, a tsunami had hit our area. The atmosphere suddenly was terrifying. The sun had gone, and the earth was torn apart, with large masses of dirty water in between. I tried escaping. There was nobody to be found. I had to hurdle through the terrifying landscape. It was dark-brown, all around, as the light that once was had disappeared. I made my way through to a small gate, up a narrow hill, blocking my exit. I worked so hard, trying to remove the rubble so I could get out. I was working with a sense of urgency. The images kept flashing before my eyes, but before I knew it, I was able to swing open the small gate. Once I did, the scene immediately disappeared, and I felt as if I was in my head, a space, black and bluish, with yellow and red dots all around. I then woke up.