nightmare #2

Date: 3/15/2017

By v0nesten

i dont recall much about the beginning of the dream, but it ended with a teacher (might have been my english teacher, not sure) trying to set up a dining area on a floating dock. i was helping set it up by stapling screens into place over the wooden frame, but was having a difficult time of it because bugs kept flying in. i didnt really want to be there, not sure why, but i felt like i should have been leaving. eventually, other people showed up for lasagna and spaghetti. the sun was going down and it was really quite pretty, with the sunset on the water. someone noticed a swan swimming in the water and pointed it out. i cautioned that swans could be mean, but somehow ended up loosing my balance and falling so i was half over the edge and half on the dock. the swan kept pecking at my head, and when i managed to pull myself up, it followed and kept pecking me. no one helped