I thought I loved her

Date: 9/8/2019

By StevoJD

I watched IT 2 last night and made me think about my feelings for this amazing warm hearted girl who has gone back to China. I sent her a few messages telling her I was thinking about her and tried to impress her with a few new Chinese greetings I have learnt. In the dream I was with a girl similar to her and I was taking it slow with just cuddling and a litte kiss. The girl in the dream was demanding to be fucked and suddenly took a photo of us. Ok? Cute pic potentially. However there was more photos of me and her. Me unconscious and getting raped by her with a dildo. I shouted at her why?? She explained week people need to be exploited so she can save her back. I took her phone off her and demanded the pin. The pin was long and I struggled it input it correctly. I demanded her to unlock it for me and she tricked me again and didn't unlock the phone so I hit her. I picked her up and placed a telephone book like the yellow pages and punched it so it wouldn't show a bruise like the cop shows... She became unconscious and I picked up and ran outside where my mum and her by was sitting in the garden of my old childhood house. I screamed and rawed to be taken seriously and listen to me. They did not. I've been humiliated and blackmailed!! They did not care. However I thought to myself. I just gotta own it and she just broke the law and posted the evedinece online... stupid girl. I woke up and went on to the chat to see if she replied back to me and tell her my strange dream. But the app we use had blocked me. Is China blocking/spying on me 😂😂?? I'm on the process of getting my account back nevertheless.