The Cleveland Shit

Date: 8/25/2017

By MuffinFluffin

(+18 warning because this one is really gross). Background: my mom's friend talked to us about her nightmare with working as a sales associate for our local newspaper, despite only having 2-3 days of employment (Tl;dr - weird coworkers, basically doing a truck driver's job while getting paid in Trident Layers.) Now every time she reads/buys it, her first instinct is thinking, "those poor bastards." 😂😂 The dream started off with my point of view, reading a copy of the local paper. The POV then switches to watching an episode of The Cleveland Show: Cleveland is sitting on the toilet, then suddenly experiences exploding shit - it's leaking all over his arms, causing him to flail out of the bathroom in a cartoonish panic; fart noises included as shit continues to pour outfoxed his ass. He then runs to the living room still flipping a shit (pun intended) while his family is just standing around and laughing at him. At one point Cleveland stops for a moment, only to feel it coming again ("no, no, no, nO, NO, NOOOOO!!"!) and have one last explosion on the couch covering the baby (forgot his name). POV switches back to me sitting on the couch with my friend Ashlee, giggling relentlessly at the episode. "That's basically the noises I make when I don't wanna go to work in the morning," she stated, referring to the screaming and fart noises. "I wonder if [the creators of episode] were inspired by this." She then holds up a copy of the local newspaper that my mom's friend worked for. (Also was there an actual episode like this on The Cleveland Show? If so I see why they cancelled it). 😂👎🏻