Catch Up and Ketchup

Date: 4/26/2017

By your-arms-are-my-chrysalis

So it's been a while since I've posted dreams about love sickness. The truth is I got over my boys with glasses and I find myself in love with someone else. He's a little thicker and less built, but still cute. He has fuller cheeks, but still a hot jawline. He's not fat or even mildly overweight, but he's softer on the edges. A really awkward type. He didn't really talk at all when I first met him. Hell, he still barely talks. He also never really made eye contact. He's always staring at my hands when he talks. He greets me more than usual, wanting to see me more, and I genuinely think he might be interested in me. I've noticed more recently though he's been looking me in the face. He's not as awkward at some points. Rather, he speaks more clearly, honestly. Other times he gets a little shy and clams up. I don't pry. He's the kind of boy you can just sit quietly with and he won't make it awkward. I've seen myself as a loud and outgoing person, so we contrast sharply in personality. In my dream about him I can't remember much beyond being woken up by the feeling of a kiss on my cheek, not unlike the one before.