The runaway...

Date: 3/22/2017

By Gabrielle Nicko

It is summer. A young girl is riding bikes with her friend when all of a sudden she realizes she is able to control frost with her mouth when she accidentally blows and freezes a rock she passes by. And even though it hurts her lips and they are now covered in frosty blue thick saliva, she tries again and freezes the lights of a parked car in front of her. Her friend doesn't see any of this. They stop by the car and her friend is astonished to find frost on the car lights in august. Our little girl wipes her lips off and agrees. Then her mother calls for her. The two girls say goodbyes and our frosty girl goes home. As soon as she goes in, I see a dark, cold, unwelcoming big room with around 10 beds in it. There are other kids and adults lying on them. Some of them are injured and moaning with pain. The mother starts giving out orders to some of the kids: go wash up, go to sleep, feed the horses... Our girl goes to bed with a frown on her face but doesn't fall asleep. She is thinking she will run away, far from all this and she will live in a different place where she will find someone else with unusual skill like hers. She waits for the mother to be away and she goes to one​ of the other beds. In it, there is a girl of about 6 years of age. She is sleeping but it is obvious she is having a nightmare. Our girl tucks two little lace napkins under her pillow and tries to calm her down in her sleep. The younger girl suddenly wakes up. Our girl tells her about the napkins and that she is leaving, but that the napkins will keep her safe and give her strength. Then she goes out of the big room and then I woke up. 😒