Ran away on a train, couldn’t escape responsibilities

Date: 4/11/2019

By pretzeling

It’s dark out. I have class tomorrow but I decide to go to a random train station and get out of the city. I ride the train for 4 hours before getting off. Outside the station, I encounter a combo of a Daiso and a large Mexican bazaar, the type in tourist areas where you wander through endless alleys of merchandise. I look at random baubles and hats. At some point, inexplicably, I lose my shoes. I’m self conscious about this for the rest of the dream. I run into my friend there. Obviously I’m surprised. Friend: Hey! How’s it going? Who did you come here to see? Me: No one. I went off alone. Friend: Oh, okay. Me: Who did YOU come here to see? Friend: I guess I came to see pretzeling. My friend said that last line in a playful sort of way. Like “Hey, we’re both here, so we might as well hang out.” Now we walk together. We wander into a sort of amusement park. I’ve been here before, but I was a child at the time. Strangely, the sky is bright, but I know it can’t possibly be daytime yet. I wonder if I’m in a different time zone. I start walking towards an area of the park based off of Asia, which I remember from when I was a kid. As I walk, the ground gets muddy and my bare feet are becoming covered in mud. Still, I find the ride I remember so fondly. “Revenge of the Pharaoh” or something. It just looks like a dinky trailer attached to a car with a rope. The trailer is on one side of a hill, and the car is on top of the hill. We go inside the trailer and ask an attendant to get on the ride, when I notice the trailer has started to slide. I jump out and, indeed, the trailer is sliding down the muddy hill towards a perilous ravine. I somehow gain super strength and, with some trouble, move the car further down the other side of the hill to equalize the weight. I save my friend and the attendant. Friend and I go hang out somewhere else in the park for a while, then I split off and go home. Everyone is home and I check my watch; it’s 7 AM. Damn, I didn’t get any sleep and now I have to go to class!