Time Stop

Date: 7/4/2017

By brinkery

In this dream, my family and I was about to leave an indoor amusement park, but I stopped to pick something up. It looked like a silver metal fidget spinner, but when I pressed the top, time froze. I decided to play a little. However, the time eventually resumed. I waited in line for this slide/escalator thing. This man had to use his thing to see if we were handling anything bad, and mine beeped because I didn't have a ticket. I flew in the slide head-first. It wasn't really fun. I ran out, but I was stopped by a pair of siblings. She asked me if she wanted to play, so I agreed. Eventually, she drove her car to a grocery store. I received a text from my mom telling me to come back to the resort. I told the girl, and she refused to drive me back. When I made a run for it, she and her little brother darted after me. I used the time thingie. I noticed how far I was. In another dream, my friend's little sister popped up in my room. I managed to sneak out of the house to take her to her house. But, my father was on a midnight walk with a lot of his friends. I also noticed there were millions of doors. I knew my friend had a white door. So, I pounded on all of them. This old man offered me some muffins. The girl turned into a monarch butterfly, and I was harming her wings by accident. In another dream, I was helping these girls sell their stuff.