Street Fair and Sleuthing

Date: 7/20/2017

By AliWiley

So I had gotten off work and walked across the street to a street fair/ farmers market thing, and one of the very first things I see is a normal sized car but made out of sandbox plastic. This car is supposed to help teach you how to drive i think..and it was the coolest thing. I really wanted one and it was perfect because it was a Saturn (which was my first car type). So I met up with my mom and she told me no I couldn't get it. So fine, I was a little upset but I understood. So we kept walking through this fair thing, and we found my grandfather there sitting and playing cribbage. He looked so happy, and after his game (he won) we let him know we were there. We talked for a while and got lunch and it was great (: So after a while, there was a contest for who could spit watermelon seeds the farthest, so of course I entered. They told us where to stand, and the person behind me was David. For some reason during this dream I was dressed like Laura ingals I had on a floor length brown skirt. 🙈 Anyways. While I was spitting my seeds I noticed a person on a road bike (the kind with super skinny tires) and then they got off the bike and left it parked behind me a bit. So as the contest ended and they went over the measurements to see who won, I came in first by a single seed length, and David came in second. So naturally he threw a whipped cream pie at me..😂 then he said 'catch me if you can' and took off running. (David is 6'2" and has incredibly long legs. I am 5'5" with short legs.) I know I won't catch him running, so I tuck my skirt up and hop on the bike. As I'm peddling as fast as I can I end up gaining on him. It's this little chase scene and I finally catch up with him. I tackle him as I jump from the bike, and we land in like two foot deep water that has sand on the bottom. We wrestle for a bit and then he calls a truce. He asked me if I want a piggyback ride, and of course I do, so I get on his back and he holds my hand. It was very vivid the grains of sand between our hands..I felt every grain move as our hands did. Suddenly both of us are on a ship that is in the middle of the ocean and we are helping to locate a stowaway. Instead of finding the stowaway David and I find a treasure map for something located on the ship. So we abandon looking for the stowaway and begin searching for the treasure. We follow all the clues and end up in this room that hasn't been opened in so long that the door rusted shut. Inside is a single key with no explanation to what it is for or what it does. At this point we decided to take the key to the captain to inform him of the things that happened. He looks at us like we saved his life, so we ask what the key is for and he tells us. Get this. It's the key to start the boat. We've been trapped on the sea for 11 years because they lost the key to the engine. Suddenly David and I are back at the fair. We enter a couples only dance contest and we loose so terribly, but we had fun so it didn't matter to us. Then I woke up.