maze of stairs.

Date: 5/7/2017

By MissMeadow

in this dream I was trying to get away from someone that just made me feel uncomfortable. I was heading uo floors but the floors were like in a dream before because I remembered certain land marks from previous dreams within the building. the stair well didn't connect traditionally but instead de attached in place or just ran no where. the whole buildings stairs was one big maze. I make it to like a giant play place for adults. wren sits out almost jealous because he read all the storied of the things that happened there between be and other people there before. and old friend runs by with a new friend and the shout "randi!:" at me say hi and keep running around with their friend..Wren looks at me and them and says "hey don't forget me." in a goofy fun tone because they we more his friends than mine.