flying on holiday and the botany club

Date: 2/24/2017

By Tjika

I was on holiday with my parents and brothers. We were camping and we almost had to go home. We made one last trip before we did. We were walking down a path between two fields of grass when I suddenly decided to fly, because I liked it better than walking. My parents and brothers didn't even look up, apparently I did this a lot, but other people looked at me as if they were seeing a miracle. This reaction happened a lot as well. We had to step aside (or fly aside in my case) after a while to let a group of people past. They were from some kind of funeral. In the end we ended up playing some sort if game with then in the field of grass and I was reading a story to a little girl. In the second school I was in some sort of hobby club from a magical school which had been a botany club before. We were making uniforms for the school or one boy was anyway. At some point there was this other club which had to take care of making the uniforms, but they couldn't finish in time. They boy helped them out. I was sometimes watching as one of the people from the hobby club, sometimes I was watching the girls who has to make the suits like a ghost and sometimes I was flying around like a ghost, but I could decide where I was going. At some point there was a girl who wanted to join the botany club. She was standing in some kind of greenhouse, which was part of the school and our club. I took her in saying this used to be the botany club indeed, but was now the hobby club. The director of the school was there too (he looked like the director from the magicians) and introduced himself to her. apparently it was the first time he was there in years, because he then introduced himself to some guy studying plants who had obviously been there for years, which he also told the guy. He introduced himself like: hey let me introduce myself, oh this is a bit weird since you've obviously been here for years, but still. Then I woke up.