Brandy's Birthday!

Date: 7/17/2019

By moriyahviera

The first thing I remember was that I m ok move back into one of my old schools and that was Lake Carolina Elementary Upper Campus. And it had to be Ms. Earle's class (it literally couldn't be anyone else) and I was eating pizza in her class (yes, I was eating off the bare table) and she yelled at me for eating pizza off the bare table. But then, we went shopping for Brandy's birthday (Brandy is my aunt btw) and she was supposed to be turning 36 and we were in Target and we were at the check out area and I was just picking out stuff and I also saw a thing for a movie that was like you were actually there. I was still giving Grandama (the grandma on my mom's side) these here gift cards to Cracker Barrel and to Chick Fil A (but I put the Chick Fil A one back) and I was thinking about the movie thing so much, I was actually there (yes, in the water). And that's all I remember from my dream.