Date: 4/5/2017

By darlinglolita

Had a dream that my boyfriend and I were having penis and vagina sex for the first time and I was about to orgasm but before we did my mom came home unexpectedly and we were scrambling and it was his first time meeting her and my mom was kind of being standoffish and rude which she is not normally like because she's sick and tired and he's being awkward and just texting on his phone and drawing not really talking and he's texting me how he's feeling awkward and trying to be nice lol and my mom also gets us both those squishy stress squeeze toys where they eyes pop out and his is a skeleton with eyes that pop out and I see him make a post about how he has to do this for his little girl and he's texting me I love you so much but I also want to punch you in the face or something so he finally leaves and when he's leaving it's even more awkward because he's not hugging or kissing me goodbye he's just like see ya later dawg and treating me like one of the dudes idk