pool/cedar point

Date: 7/6/2017

By Tourmaline19

so my family was in our pool and we were about to fly to venisuela for a trip, but these strange officers did not want us to go. they wanted to take our phones away but my dad was good at hiding them. after we escaped inside, i told richael the whole story over facetime. Next, i dreamt that my class went to cedar point. It was an indoor version, but for some reason it was still raining. i suggested that we go to the shops instead bc the rides were probably all closed, but i didn't have money. both kristy and richael had hundreds of dollars on them, but i had none, so i asked my mom. she would only give me a maximum of five dollars, so i said screw it and we went to the gemini. the gemini in my dream was a ride without seats, but the force was supposed to drag you around the track. it was a very dangerous ride, and i bumped into a baby while riding it.