rat in a trench coat

Date: 2/16/2017

By Carolina

the main theme was that my parents were selling my childhood home and new people were moving in but we hadn't moved out yet. a young man started setting up his bedroom in the kitchen. i tried to move cat litter out but it spilled all over the floor so i just put i back in the cabinet and left it. i took my cat to a new place he was going to stay but he immediately peed on the floor. b was there wearing a tiny bath robe and i yelled at him he needs to wear clothes and his butt is hanging out. i saw my mom move the organ keyboard and scrub behind it turning blackened walls white. i went out to the park and saw some friends. they started running and it was hard to keep up cause i had a skirt and boots with heels. i asked why they were running and they said to get away from you! i stopped and stayed in the park. i saw mike pence hanging out with a rat in a trench coat. i went back to the house and tried to pack up my room. it was the only thing that wasn't packed at all. the relater pushed my bookshelves on the floor and there was a curtain hanging behind it. the curtain was sewn and the realtor accused me of having messed it up. i said there were buttons there but over the years they came out and i replaced them by sewing it together and onto the wall. it was crowded and the older teenage girl who was waiting to move in started saying the photos on the wall were ugly and stupid. i pushed her hard and she fell hard hurting her pelvic bone. i snarkily asked her if i could get her a motrin. she said she was stressed about not being able to move in her and we t to get alchojol. i was at the park again and saw mo. u was there and mo started singing fake african music. i squeezed her arm and made a face to u. i looked at old photos that actually seemed very beautiful of friends from high school. i was at the beach and ran into e who said she is moving to cider st (which is the real name of my parents new home). she seemed drunk. i went to my boss' office and i talked about how hard the day was. i kept saying that i wished friends would "just use their words" she casually dropped that she had cancer so her day was hard too. i started telling her about the rat and mike pence but her face turned bright red and she started crying. she started intensely telling me to get out! i went to a meeting which only a few people came to. i ran out of the meeting to get cookies from the table in the lobby before they ran out. there were little gingerbread men people call "pancake floppers" which tasted like buttery pancakes with nutella