Dream: Reunion

Date: 3/30/2017

By Ecnelis_Lataf

So the dream shows me a few years in future so like 28-29 area in age. I was babysitting Keigan who was like 5-6 in age. He was staying at my apartment with me in OG (town I live in) while Nicole had gone on one of her trucker runs. He and I were cleaning up the front room when the doorbell rings. I go to open the door and there's Nicole with this huge playful grin. She says "Mind helping me get something out of the truck?" While keigan runs over to Nicole laughing I head over to her truck only to see some guy standing there. I place my hand nonchalantly over my pocket knife as I walk over to them. They turn around and it's Jacob with his Army uniform on. He smirks and I stand there frozen at first (cuz I almost pulled my knife on him) before I hug him tight. He ends up hugging me back. Nicole and Keigan both snicker in the background because they'd planned this from the start. Then we all head in to hang out and I wake up.