baseball game, house sitting

Date: 11/22/2019

By rembrandt

finally got a full nights sleep after 2 days of hell. writing this hours after i woke up, but i remember i was at a baseball game with my dad, and i said something about the guys being rude in front of us, that they should behave themselves and pick up their trash. later when the game was over we were walking out of the stadium and at the parking lot this blonde lady came up to me and asked if i could housesit for her/someone else because i seemed responsible after the event at the game. she gave me a business card and also said i’d get paid lots of money to just sit in the house all day, which was in the pacific palisades. i thought wow i’m so lucky finally i’ve got a job. but also kind of suspicious and didn’t think it was real. the whole encounter kind of reminded me of parasite, like this could be my big break but it also could go wrong.