Night 11

Date: 5/11/2019

By Snorty

I am standing outside when a huge plane flys into view doing a display. It is the 746 that carries the space shuttle. It goes into a 90 degree climb at maximum thrust. I expect to feel the wash from the engines but it doesn’t come. In an attic, there is a picture of my Dad when he was younger up a hill smiling. I look about for some wipes to clean something. I go outside. I have bought a set of car seats but have a problem as they are from a right hand drive and my car is left although it looks like a right hand drive. My Dad seems to be there talking to me. I start looking at ways to split the seats as they seem to be bolted to each other to try and make them work. Just then, a fighter jet slowly drifts down the side of the hill loosing height rapidly. It unfurls some kind of banner from below the fuselage.