Pedophile fight

Date: 6/21/2017

By BanksDreams

Alright so one thing about me is that I can't stand a pedophile, and I'm always ready to rip their faces off. Last, I dreamt of accompanying a pedophile home. From what I can remember, I found him near a place of worship, and he had a car which I much needed, so I asked him to drop me off. There was a kid at the back, which I found weird that he wasn't talking or anything. When I asked the pedophile, he said he was going to drop him off at my building also. I said cool, even though I felt extremely uneasy. We continued talking about stuff and I told him I was feeling really sleepy. Once he dropped me and the kid off, I noticed he hadn't driven off. He stayed still, while I saw the kid sitting near the building entrance on one of the stairs. I pretended to go in the elevator, and soon as I set a foot forward in there, I hear the kid scream. I look back and that disgusting thing is grabbing the kid and pulling him by the arm to his car. I ran the fastest I could and punched the motherfucker in the mouth with all the power I found in me. I think I even punched the bed in my sleep cos my wrist is hurting a little. Anyway, I told the barbershop under my building to call the police, while I beat the shit out that being. Woke up still pissed though