Date: 8/1/2017

By KilgoreTrout

I can't really remember where the dream started. I think I was with this woman who looked like Elsa from American Horror Story - Coven who was holding a little child in a way that had his legs crossed and straight up in front of him? She didn't seem to be doing anything, but I felt that she was being really mean to him. Then it changed, everything was about the same, except Elsa was holding a girl that was a little older than the first boy, and she was sitting the same way as the boy was. Then it changed again to show only a young, blonde two headed girl sitting by herself. It kept changing to show a few more girls the same way. One did look like Madison from the show. Then the dream changed completely to this kind of lab I guess where everyone was about to show off what they had. It focused on a dark-haired woman who made ice cubes that would make someone drunk if they ingested them. Another woman (I thought the first woman's mother) came up to her and scolded her a little on her project, and she yelled back, "it's what I like!" The dream changed again here to my house, sort of, and Elsa was sitting on the sofa from the beginning and told us to come talk to her ("us" being me and some guy). I was looking out the window behind her as she spoke, and saw these people in blue uniforms running around and falling. Elsa sent us to stop them. They had taken the drunk ice and given them to people so that they could steal their money. Me and the guy were looking around, eating ice to get ready to stop the people, but I couldn't find any of the drunk ice. I asked the dark-haired lady in the kitchen where it was and she laughed and didn't help. I remember running outside anyways. I also remember something happening that made me afraid for my life. Another girl in orange got attacked, and I ran to someone saying we needed to go. Then I was on my back porch looking out, and the girl in orange came around with no teeth and a broken jaw trying to talk to us. That's all I remember.