71. Fantasy World.🌲🌳 🏰🌲🌳

Date: 8/18/2017

By Raul

I am captain of my ship and we go on a mision to fight monsters that came from the underworld. I use my powers to shoot lasers out of my hands and we defeat the legion of creatures. I go back to the citatele to report to my superiors, They congratulate me on my mision and give me a new ship and warn me about overusing my powers. They say I need time to recover and if I use my powers before i recover, my hands will explode. I go in the citatele garden and I see tiny cute creatures runing around me. One of them says my name and I pick it up to pet him. It was a cute little sabertooth baby. 2 huge sabertooths, the size of a house, jumped out of the forest and atacked me. I dodged the atacks and hide behind some trees. I look up and Allucard came riding on a dragon and saved me. I am at a party and a crosdresser keeps hiting on me. He tries to kiss me and told me that he has a crush on me. I say that I am NOT gay and he gets realy angry. He calls some friends and tries to kidnap me. I have a false awakening I and talk to my mother.