Boy A

Date: 2/7/2019

By scm2

So boy A is younger then me. Here's how it starts: I was sitting in the union studying. I saw boy a walk past and I waved at him thinking that he would just continue walking. He instead walked up to me and began a conversation. It's not really weird but it was really unexpected. We started to talk about how classes were and then he said he needed help getting organized and taking notes and asked me could I help. I hesitated because I wasn't sure if I would be much help. I told him I didn't have a lot of time and then he asked me again in a whinny way. It made me feel really awkward because people started looking so I said yes. I decided the time that we would meet each week just to show him how I take my notes and continue to do my own work. The next week came and he met me st the library, he brought me some tea and a sandwich which made me happy because I was hungry. I asked him how much so I could pay him back and he said that it was a present for helping him even when I don't have much time. I should him how I organized my notes and my online drive. I then help him reorganize his drive and how to start his notes for class. It was getting late so I told him I had to go home and he asked could he come since he still didn't understand. Since I let people over all the time I said yes. He came over an I continued to show him how to do it. It got later so I told him he would have to go soon. For some really weird reason the buses were not running at all and his phone was dead so I told him that he could spend the night on the couch since it was dangerous to walk back. The next day went on like normal and I guess I continued to tutor him in different things for weeks. Weird thing is I don't actually know boy A's major so I'm not really sure how I would have actually been of help. But here is where the dream takes a turn from innocent to weird. One day we were studying at my house and he said did I want to take a break. I said sure and we started watching tv. Boy A then moves closer to me and ask if I was finally dating. I said no I have no one to date and he laughed. I got mad because I didn't think it was funny, I asked him if he was dating and he shrugged and said he has someone he's thinking about. I didn't really care much and continued to watch the show. He moved closer and said "It's you, you know". I looked at him and laughed and said he was lying. He moved super close and leaned in. I got uncomfortable and moved away. He told me he was serious and wanted to date. I again said stop joking and no. He then held my hand and started to ask in the same whinny tone he used so I could tutor him. I got up to go back to the table so we could study and he came behind me and hugged me and asked again (He is taller then me). He asked could I try it for a little bit instead of just saying no. For some odd reason I thought that made sense and said sure but to not tell anyone for now. We continued to do our homework together and then went out on a date on Friday. We ended up going off campus because I didn't want to deal with ending up seeing people that we both commonly knew. We ended up going to other event together but not as a couple so we would be on opposite ends of the room but then wait till everyone was leaving and left together. He leave opposite of me so people found it weird that he was coming with me but we would always make an excuse. Girl 1 asked me randomly if I was dating anyone and I said maybe, I'm not sure. Boy A actually was walking with me and girl 1 so he heard it, obviously. Boy A then asked how could I be unsure if I was dating someone and I said because people have to say it for it to be official. Boy A then ask would I really want the guy to say something. I then said only if the other person wanted to. Boy A then says "I have to say it out loud for it to count" so then girl 1, 2, & 3 turned and asked what does he mean. And he said it meant nothing but they kept pushing and he told them we were dating. I ended up walking away because I got embarrassed. We then for some reason ended up at my house and he was apologizing for embarrassing me. I said it was fine since it's true but I didn't want anyone to know until I was comfortable. He then leaned in and kissed me. Then I woke up.