Fighting Outside with Pairs of Enemies, Firearms and Hand to Hand Combat

Date: 5/26/2019

By AJacobs

Eating and fighting, that about sums up what I remember from today's dream. There was eating as a group at the middle of this like modern mall with big shape art hanging from the high ceilings. The fighting took place sort of like near the entrance to Prairie Crossing. I don't know how it started, it was always fighting a one or two guys at a time. Everyone else around here was just hanging out in small groups, maybe having picnics. It included firearms (which must have been really hard firing airsoft guns). I had two lever action old wooden rifles, but one had the lever oddly on top. I remember specifically like two guys in white in a miniature white pickup which may have turned into a bike as they got closer. I rushed and dove towards my rifles behind a tree, bullets/BB's started flying past me. I returned fire a few shots, sometimes switching between the two rifles as they drove closer. The picnickers turned and watched. I felt my left arm really sting where I got shot. Once they got around the tree and were now off the road, they jumped out and we started fighting hand to hand. There were some other singles or pairs that I would engage with as time went on. I was not the only one fighting, there were other matches going at it. Then my house must've been right there. I was now fighting and flipping (judo) people around here too. Eventually I got some help from others, including Beerman. Then we ran around back where a group of us had set up at some fold out tables. The enemy guys had all locked themselves inside. We fought a couple stragglers. It was clear everything was lock except the front door. It hopefully was still unlocked. I started towards the front yard when I heard my dad come home in real life and woke myself up. I'll also briefly mention that a few days ago I had a dream which may have been significant as the first one where I knew my parents were separated in dream (I think only my dad was in that one). Today, I think my parents were fighting in dream at some point.