Anna and Jessica in wonderland, snapchatted Peter

Date: 3/7/2019

By levinelover

I was at wonderland, at a playground near a tree. There was a SIM card or something in the bark of the tree that I found, and Kate was there at the park. I got a quick glimps of Anna and Jessica going up a path, and i subtly followed them from a distance. They went up these long outdoor spiral stairs to a fancy cafe/patio like place, and I had no idea what it was. It was off limits to me because I had to pay extra to get in, and I didn’t wanna spend money to follow them so I went back down the stairs. The path I was walking along was narrow and full of corn stalks. I started to Snapchat peter sending him videos of me talking, and I noticed in the Snapchat selfie camera Anna and Jessica were starting to walk behind me. I explained to peter that they were behind me, awkward but I was just gonna keep walking and talking as if they’re not even there. Then, I tripped over Jessica a bit. Anna and I had beef (and do in real life). Mari said she saw my convo with Anna and couldn’t be on my side. Steph said she had my back. Still snapchatting peter I went to the park and showed him how the sand at wonderland was so iconic, it was soft and moulded just like moon sand.