My Florence Welch

Date: 6/8/2019

By toftie

Had a weird cult dream about watching a play (I wasn't paying attention) and I got called on from the audience to continue the play from where they left off. So I came to life as a vampire and opened a blood pack to mess my face with to open strong. Then I hungrily walked around the audience to ask for participants but I was nervous and just when I was about to ask this hroup of girls Ms. Mattock told people to raise their hands if they wanted to join. A lot of people rose their hands which made it easier. I chose one girl. Then Tiffany from Law. Then another guy from school, can't remember his name. I had them as participants but then I don't know what I made them do. It seemed like I skipped over some parts but at the end, there was a part where I was being asked who i was by a scientist(?) and then they extracted my Florence Welch (not sure what it means, maybe my baby? its not the singer though). it was really weird because there's a creepy haunting song playing while this happens.