Date: 6/24/2017

By katiepainter97

Night of June 23rd So I went to Colorado to hangout with my family, including my Aunt Mingy. We went our usual snowboarding down the terrain park and double black extremes, but there was one slope that slid into a beautiful grassy plain that no one went to. I tied a string to a sled and held the string as my dog sled on it. She went over the massive leap to get to the grassy side and we just stared off into the rest of the slopes because we had the view. After we did, we went back to our place and I saw a big, dark brown haired girl going into Chris's room. I walked over to him pissed off )because he has a long term girlfriend who I love very much) and I asked him why there was someone else in there. He told me his girlfriend was at volleyball so he just brought a friend. I reminded him that it was a bad idea along with my mom, but he got defensive and said "we won't kiss shut up". Afterwards, I went outside to a bunch of ping pong tables. People were coming in with bowling balls though? I asked why there were so many people who bowled and they told me Colorado was a bowling state. (Which I don't believe) so I just sat there putting on my chapstick and eating nerds. The place started getting crowded so I just people watched. Then I started realizing they were all people I knew and were friends with. I kind of got annoyed and asked my aunt if they were all staying with us and she says "of course!". I just wanted to be alone, but meg asked me if we wanted to sit on the roof and enjoy the rest of the sunset and I agreed so we left.