Banquet in a warehouse

Date: 4/23/2017

By weaselpuppy

My class went on a bus with only 4 seats there where more than 16 people and only 2 people per seat but some how we all fit. when I got on the bus I walked down the bus carefully choosing my seat most of the seats where empty. we finally got to the huge warehouse with long banquet tables piled with food. Kellen was cutting rock hard chicken with a plastic knife and I was trying to cut the same chicken with a plastic fork. Lucas was shoving his face in a moldy white cake with no frosting and I was yelling at him to shove his face in the huge wedding cake that was chocolate with chocolate frosting and chocolate dripping down the sides. I was infuriated because someone might want to eat the moldy little cake but no one would want to eat the wedding cake. Alexis was shoving a 6 by 4 foot price of jello down her mouth.