The mall- fair- and hide n go seek

Date: 7/27/2019

By adrianaasg

So the mall was just me philish livers and maybe soph at the mall. I don’t remember anything else really. The fair was really creepy but Iveta convinced me to go on a really scary rollercoaster. We were actually in a weird version of Disney. So we (me Iveta and Messi) went on the ride and it wasn’t bad but then when me and Messi got off (Iveta some how got off first) we couldn’t See Iveta. So we finally escaped the tunnels of slides n stuff and saw Iveta (well a boy that I guess was with us instead of Iveta) and he was with other dudes. In the end they thought I was cute and then. I woke up. The hide n go seek was in our house kinda And EVERYONE was there and I mean everyone. So we were playing but it’s not the normal kinda hide n go seek. So we were all just running around cutting through walls with socks and etc. So I guess the first round finished and the thing happened with my eye so I started freaking out. In the end I got ice on it and it would open up my eye. There was another part of my dream I barley remember except for me being at teakwondo with mr Josiah. Doing drills n stuff.