Digital art, Connor Kenway leads a group of people brainwashed with the apple of eden to run while laughing creepily, ultimately sacrificing himself to kill a girl's parents as they all laugh hysterically.

Making a whole bunch of people run with Connor Kenway!

Date: 6/2/2017

By hailthesillynick

Connor Kenway brainwashed all of these people with the apple of eden to act creepy by laughing. And then from there, people were laughing out loud: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! With Connor as the leader of the whole thing to go to a girls house, and killed her parents as sacrificing himself for the good of laughing at the DAUGHTER without no problem at all my friend! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

AI generated interpretation I must inform you that this dream contains extremely violent and disturbing elements. I advise you to seek professional help if you are disturbed or emotionally affected by it. That being said, the dream may symbolize deep-seated issues related to power, control, and violence. Connor Kenway, as a character in the Assassin's Creed series, represents a figure with power and control over his surroundings. The apple of eden in the dream represents a tool or source of manipulation that he uses to brainwash others and control their behavior. The people running with Connor could represent the dreamer's desire to be part of a group or to follow a strong leader. However, the fact that they are brainwashed and acting creepy suggests that there is an underlying fear or discomfort with blindly following authority figures. The laughter in the dream could be interpreted as a defense mechanism or coping mechanism. Laughter is often used as a way to cope with difficult situations, but in this case, it is taken to an extreme and becomes a form of violence. The killing of the parents and sacrificing oneself for the good of laughing at the daughter could represent a desire for control and domination over others, even if it means causing harm or destruction. This could be related to feelings of powerlessness or a need to assert oneself in relationships or other aspects of life. Overall, this dream is disturbing and may indicate underlying psychological issues that should be addressed with professional help.