Two dreams

Date: 5/27/2019

By supaninja007

I can't remember too many details of both dreams. The first one is me fighting Euron Greyjoys fleet of ships with Dany and Jon. Euron summoned a flaming kraken that was shooting tentacles out. I had to infiltrate the ship and take out the source of the kraken. Eventually we win. I made sure Drogon wasn't getting hit by anything and he took care of most of the ships. In the end we capture Euron alive but he said it isn't over and says he's going to summon the original kraken. Next is the second dream. I am infiltrating a building with the Avengers. I remember just squeezing into a duct with them and then falling into a room. I told Siri on my phone to hook up a feeding tube to Black Widow cuz I wanted to see her get fat. But I think I woke up cuz I don't remember much after that.