Molten Rock and Roll

Date: 4/2/2017

By dion_spyro

I was talking to a friend and he told me that someone got a nose bleed. I had a memory of an oracle telling me that someone in my school will die this year. I asked my friend who and he told me it was this guy from my school, let's call him Tom for now. I told my friend that Tom was gonna die and he was just like "I know." My dream then showed Tom in the hospital. Now this was the strangest part of the whole dream because the Tom that I know is a white teenager. This guy looked like Pharell Williams if Pharell Williams did reggae. He had grown some sort of volcano tumour on his head. By that I mean he had a giant turban sized tumour on the top of his head in the shape of a volcano. Tom was saying all this inspirational stuff about how he must live on etc. and it was all over the news. He got to make 3 more albums that were all named with volcano puns before he died.