Kidnapped 4/24/17

Date: 4/25/2017

By libertydiehl

I don't remember actually being kidnapped but I remember being in the guys house. The guy that kidnapped us kind of looks like Ed Westwick with a beard. There was five of us in the house. I only knew two. My older brother and mom. Anytime that guy was asleep or something we would rush out of the room and go to the kitchen and put fire on water. I don't know why we did that but we did. Then he would come out and we would throw it out. He was going to leave for a couple hours so he put us in this one room with like ten doors. He forgot to lock two but some dummy reminded him of one so he locked it. Luckily the other one was unlocked. Before he left he put this nurse in the room with us to help us if something went wrong. But we went out of the door, into the kitchen, and then we left.