A friends Dream. (Not mine.)

Date: 6/24/2017

By DayDreamerBeliver

Two dreams, first I'm adopted and I am a vampire. Well I partied and drank then guys were undressing me, they tried to use me...but i wouldn't let them near me. Instead I was a lesbian then all these girls even someone cosplaying as Link was fighting. I woke up. Second dream, I lived in an old house and the first thing that I noticed was children...skipping boring details..There was an old car auction and a giant storm came flooded and washed everything away. So I'm stuck with two guys in a giant water filled metal locker. The long things anyway...we have to survive and fight off demonic possessed auctioneers. And there's an old spirit guiding us to safety. Turns out after we kill and survive the demonic people she is the mother spirit of the children. She had a miscarriage and was thought to be a witch, after she died she protected every abused or parentless child. They gather around her and brush her hair and receive hugs.