Extreme OCD Nightmare

Date: 1/30/2017

By SkyCloud888

Ok, so before I explain the dream (not so briefly like other people do XD) I'm going to note that I have extreme OCD about my speech, mood and brain functions when encountering others and even scared of it myself. I am in current treatment for my OCD with Symbolta, (not sure if I'm spelling it right) a medicine that balances the chemicals in my brain to help me control the thoughts in my head, thus making me less stressed. Prior to the Symbolta, I was taking two antidepressants that made my stress multiply by 1000 which were Prozac, followed by Lexapro. Ok, now on to the dream. I had a dream I had previously insulted my best friend. I don't remember what the insult was but it must have been pretty mean. Now, yes I'm going to talk about Melanie Martinez AGAIN since she was in my dream and I am freaky obsessed with her. Prior to having this dream, I had commented on a remix of one of her songs, saying, "Man the beat drop is bigger than the space between Melanie's teeth. Jk, love ya Mel." Then, in the dream, in a Melanie Martinez Q&A, she said, "A fan insulted my mouth....specifically about the gap in my teeth." That made my heart tear into shreds. I had no idea I had insulted her, and this made me freakin' PETRIFIED. Then, I started to scream at my dad that I'm going crazy, that it's been a full year, and my treatment and therapy is not helping my OCD. I was going mentally insane. I started throwing tables and chairs around. I was pissed. And then I woke up. I am now scared of my future ;_; And scared to encounter Melanie now :'( And any of my friends or loved ones....