Stories from High School

Date: 5/31/2019

By floatingtreea

I was in my thirties so about a little over a decade from now. My hairstyle was still the same, shoulder length with the choppy long bangs; however, my voice was more matured and my face more wrinkled than it had been previously. Of course not so noticeably wrinkled, but still, one could tell that I was slightly dotted with age. I was laying in bed against some stranger’s chest, he was pale but not so pale and wore a golden cross chain around his neck. At that point I couldn’t tell if he was just really tall or if he had just slid further up the bed because I wasn’t the shortest person and I only made it up to beneath his heart. I lightly pressed my lips against his chest, somewhat smiling. My hands traced circles along his smooth, bare skin until I heard a muffled grunt from above my head. I peered up and caught glimpse of a pair of half-open narrow, blue eyes. Fucking hell I accidentally deleted all my writing for this shit why isn’t there a save button goddamn.