Dream: The Bastard Son

Date: 4/3/2019

By Ecnelis_Lataf

So I was like this bastard half-demon son to a demon lord. Specifically one who wasn't evil. Just chaotic. And like he didn't trust his other two kids, they were pure demon. Basically I was closest to him. So closee in fact that he had his firecat familiar bound to me before he died. Demon Lord Daddo had this special horn that could control all the armies of the demon realm. They called it something other than Hell but I can't remember. He had me hide the horn using his/now my familiar. So anyway, fast forward. Demon Daddo is dead. My sibs and I are taken in by this group that supposedly want to bring Daddo back. However they need that horn cuz it's got so much of his essence in it. Soooo I use firecat and have it like go hide in a fire near them while I go meditate (I'm apparently a cleric Idk how that works xD) cuz something just seems off to me. So anyways. I made a fire in front of me to meditate to and soon firecat appears in it having returned from its spying. Tells me other peeps are in cahoots with my sibs to use horn and raise demon armies against the other races. They just have one teeeeensy problem. I'm the only one who can reach it. Lol So like then firecat and I have to figure out a plan. Cuz Daddo had formed an alliance with a couple of the warring races. Saying how if they needed his help to stop the war he'd STOP the war. He made this alliance through me and his want to have some level of peace outside his domain. Lol So firecat and I devise a plan to use the horn to summon the demon clan leaders and basically have a showdown/battle royale thing for me to prove I am the rightful heir over my sibs. So basically I had firecat bring me the horn and used it to summon all demon clan leaders. I proclaimed the law of the battle royale (it was some actual law of the domain) and started beating them up. Then I woke xD