Creepy old room

Date: 2/12/2019

By RoccoDelucci

So I’m in this old room with reddish brown tile, and I’m with these creepy twin kids who I do not recognize. Honestly I didn’t see their faces, we went into a small room on the side with two doors that swing out and in. It’s pitch black and there is a mossy old wall going down with very earthy limestone like rocks. I can hear dripping condensation and feel the humidity in the air. We climb down the wall which is honestly pretty treacherous and scary, for someone who has never been climbing before such as myself. The twins proceed to tell me as we reach the bottom that there were two people that died down here from unknown circumstances and immediately I wanted to go back up. So we made our way back to the top and exited the doors we entered through. The twins began screaming as if something had followed us. I can’t see anything at all and I am not scared whatsoever, I’m almost emotionless. The first inside door slams open and they are now truly terrified and frozen in fear, I still feel nothing. Then the second door slams open as well and a foggy handprint is now on the square piece of glass in the center of the door and the twins faint. Then I wake up.