Apache Back

Date: 4/1/2017

By Shade

I help pull a sailboat down to the coast from grandparents' house. I'm waiting for Dad and Sam from Comedy Shoe Shine. to come on. I hear them arguing on the radio about what type of sweater to bring. I decide to just buy Sam a sweater. I find a massive collection of cheap clothes for sale. I end up back in Hawaii which is where we were going to sail. I can't decide whether to explore the coast or the city of Awahu. I forgot my camera on the mainland, so when I go to get it, I see an Apache flying in low. He starts doing tricks, and gets too close. He clips a giant wall with a roter and falls over me. I dodge it at first, but he pulls back and the rear blades come down spin across my back. I run down the hill yelling that I need a hospital. I find a tent that was set up for the previous day, and a nurse holds my back as she walks me into the city to the hospital.