Me and Christina Aguilera duet singing in a gas station

Date: 3/8/2017

By katiepainter97

Night of feb 19th So last night I had a dream I went on a field trip with my class on this disgusting bus. We stopped for a little bit so we could go to a water park, but I did not want to go so I just lingered in the bus a little bit because I was the one driving. We then went to this weird place where they were holding some sort of music festival. Christina Aguilera took a weird liking to me. Everyone was out and about doing drugs and stuff and for some reason mrs.hardin was in my dream and she had platinum blonde hair. She kept following me around with my friends to make sure I was not doing drugs. Then I found myself in a gas station just by myself and all the lights turned off. Christina came out of nowhere and asked me to duet with her. I freaked out because what the hell was I supposed to sing if I didn't know what song it was. And in a feather tip pen she drew a black rose on the corner of the bathroom sink. She started singing and I was supposed to put the rose in my mouth as some sort of agreement to be hers. So I did, but the stem was too long. She was singing and then I'd sing the male part even though I don't have a deep singing voice. At the end, she surprised everyone with that roar of a voice she has as she was peering her head over the cases of soda in the front window. Everyone started cheering when we finished. I then ran to all of my friends so no one knew it was me that was singing with her because I didn't want that kind of publicity. The next day I found myself in the car with this kid's family I used to go to school with. We went to Burger King and I didn't order anything for myself, but I ordered for everyone in the car. They messed up the order and they tried to blame me for it. I said "I put down everyone's order in my notes so I couldn't mess it up" and they finally believed me and we went to the park. At the park there is this big rock climbing wall. As I was climbing it, I saw my mom in this loft area near the top of the climbing wall. The loft stretched around the facility of a house that the gym was partially in. My mom called me up and she kept screaming "katie katie katie! Christina wants you!" And I was thinking to myself oh no... and there I saw Christina and she asks me "are you ready?" And at this point I just accepted my fate and said "yep ready as I'll ever be" but I was in shorts and a tshirt with no shoes on. So I told her I needed to change. I went to michaels to find a dark rose to give to her. The michaels I went to was absolutely gigantic. The ceiling was so tall it could scrape the clouds. It was very dark in there with roses taped to the walls. But I picked what I wanted and left because I was getting creeped out. I then went back to my mom's house and could not decide between my clean black vans or my dirty, written all over, black converse high tops. I chose those because they seemed more edgy and would tend to her liking. I finally ran downstairs because I took enough of her time and she was standing outside of the garage with the biggest smile on her face. She was wearing all dainty pink like Umbridge from Harry Potter. Gross. And she asks me "you ready?" And I just said "yes" then we took off to go sing again.