Beelzebub is in Pokemon GO and he looks like chibi-Oogie Boogie

Date: 7/25/2017

By toxxicduck

I was in high school, CHS specifically, but the high school was one of the elementary schools I went to: Cecil D. Andres in Idaho. I have not dreamt of this place in many many years. Nick Dye, Devo, and I were taken into a small empty room by the Vice Principal of CHS and told to put on these grey jumpsuits. At first I was under the impression we were in severe trouble, but that was not to be the case. The room turned out to be a giant 3D scanner and we were going to have 3D figures made of ourselves because that is how yearbooks worked in the future. We three apparently missed picture day and were making up for it. The three of us made silly poses and had a fun time finding weird things to do and have in our hands to be scanned with us. I was wearing a Superman logo on my shirt and pulled open the jumpsuit the same way Superman does when he's changing from Clark, and thought that was a clever pose to have for the yearbook. After that, I was walking around the outside the school with Janiece and we just got out of marching band practice, I think. It was very sunny out and I was wearing summer clothes; a white tank and some khaki short-shorts. Janiece looked just as she used to in high school, emo rocker chick. I think Devo and Nick must aso looked younger too, but I actually haven't seen them SINCE HS so that makes more sense. There was another person with us but I never saw them, they were always right behind me at my shoulder (which happens in my dreams A LOT and I have no idea what it is/means). We were just walking around the school but not leaving, and also being very slow about it, as if we had time to kill, kind of like recess or something. We walked through the back part of the school where there was an alley, and as we passed by a dumpster on the left, Travis Call jumped out of it and pretended to be Oscar the Grouch as a joke. He looked like his modern day 26 year old self. I made some jokes about Travis being made out of garbage, and actually ended up hurting his feelings. He looked sad and tried to climb out of the dumpster but managed to tumble down the side and onto the ground. I felt guilty and apologized. I went to hug him and saw he had bleeding cuts on his arms. He hugged me very closely, said "its alright", and then kissed me a couple times on the forehead. It's weird how people I don't have feelings for keep kissing and touching me in my dreams... So now the three of us were walking together and this time we were leaving school for the day. Travis told me that in Pokemon GO they added Beelzebub (aka Satan, not just any demon) as a Pokemon and I could find him around 82 Ave (the most renownly ghetto and dangerous street of all Portland). I reacted to this information with mild interest, as I do not much care for Pokemon GO. Travis showed me Beelzebub on his phone, which turned into us seeing the cartoon animation floating in the air next to us, and Beelzebub looked like Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas, but with a white and blue striped sack, and he was all small and chibi version. It might actually be a clever Pokemon, if it were not based off of Satan. I suddenly realized I was barefoot and that I left my flip flops back at the band room, which was where the snack shop was irl. I went to get my flip flops by myself. I expected to find them outside next to the door of the band room, but they weren't. I went inside and found myself in the hallway at CHS that leads to the choir room and the auditorium, but at the end of the hall was just a pair of large metal doors. The hall was very brightly lit. Jackie Holodack was there, looking like her modern day self, and looked at me kind of annoyed. She was packing things away for the day or something. She was with one of those carts where you put folding chairs. I told her I was just looking for my shoes and I would get out of her way. She made a cheesy joke at me about it, something like "right, you can't just walk around barefoot!" In that dad-joke kind of a way. So I went though the doors and into the next room. The room was small and dark. There were windows with light coming through, so I could see but it was very dim. Everything was shiny and gray, as if it were made of metal, but in the darkness it was kind of spooky. Half the room was taken up by a square tub of water, which looked black in the darkness. I got into it for some reason, and I could not see below the surface of the water at all. I suddenly had a fishing poll. I began to fish and saw the shiny backs of small fish gliding above the surface of the water. I tried to guide the bobber near them so they would notice it, like in Animal Crossing. Then I snagged a fish. It was super heavy and took a lot of effort for me to pull it up, and eventually a HUGE white and orange spotted koi fish that was larger than the tub began to slowly emerge from the water. I was so shocked and happy and proud of myself for catching such a gigantic koi that I took a picture of it to show it off, but the koi wriggled too much for me to get a decent shot. Then I woke up.