A dream of water realms.

Date: 3/20/2017

By silentknight_

I was with a friend, we were watching some people play basket ball they insisted we join in, we did. A certain player, a guy, was making a fuss with me, some one pulled me aside and told me he was special need. I came back to the game a different person. The dream morphed him, he had a power. But it was a deformity. Scenery changed to a beautiful sunny day by a pond. I became that guy. Only I looked like a clicker from The Last of Us (game). But bearish, furry and big. I got in the pond. There was a small hidden cave underan opening. Some one pulled me under and I drowned, I couldn't see, I was watching in 3rd person. They stole the ability, and came out of the cave. It was a little girl. I became her. I took off, they were looking for me. I went into water, I could breathe water. I went under and there were houses. I explored until I got word they were on to me. I left the houses. I went into what looked like a Dwemer ruin. (It's from a game, Skyrim. It's like an almost ancient Egyptian underground realm with technology.) It was under water, so it was like I could fly through it. The Paraoh black dogs that could walk upright, began attacking me, there was a gigantic blue human like god, he was after me. I tried to get away, but to no avail. he snatched me up and tore me right in half with his pointer fingers and thumbs, like a twig. The end...